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Association “Education builds B&H”, in collaboration with the Scout group “Neretva” Konjic, the eleventh time in continuity, implemented the holidays on Boracko lake, with 120 participants from Sarajevo, Vares, Zavidovići, Visoko, Fojnica, Travnik and Konjic, in the period from 06th until July 14th, 2015.

During the summer holidays planned activities were implemented, as it follows:

• Educational: Daily raising and lowering flags; Choosing the best decorated tent with modest gifts,; Preventive measures during their stay in the countryside; First Aid in nature; Reproductive health of children and young people; The importance of ecology in contemporary society; Orientation in nature; Fight against trafficking; Children’s rights; The danger of mines, Management of personal budget and tests of knowledge of B&H, Association “Education builds B&H” and the history of Europe.

• Sports and Recreation: qualification and final competitions in indoor soccer, beach volleyball and chess, and morning and afternoon stay on the beach (where many non-swimmers learn to swim).

• Entertainment: disco evenings, beauty contests of the camp with a special program, and the announcement of the most successful sports teams and individuals.

• Social: The appropriately marked of July 11th – The European Day of Remembrance for the Srebrenica genocide – speech of the executive director of the Association of Jovan Divjak on this topic, and to all participants who expressed a need it is possible to perform the religious duties during the month of Ramadan.

As in previous years, volunteers of the Red Cross of New Sarajevo participated in the implementation of educational programs.

The cost of holidays in the amount of BAM 16.775 compensated by means of foreign and domestic donors in cash and goods, assets of the Association, the project activities and the release of the obligation to pay the accommodation tax from HNK Tourist Association, Branch Konjic-Jablanica (the list of donors is attached).

With the holidays on Lake Boracko we achieved the following objectives:

• Children and young people of the “Education builds B&H” and members of partner organizations / associations through living and working together has enabled socially useful spending time in nature during the summer holidays. Participants were members of: the Association “Education builds B&H”, NGO “Youth Roma Initiative- Be my friend” Visoko, Institute for care of mentally disabled persons “Drin” Fojnica, the Association of parents and friends who help people with mental retardation “Oaza” Sarajevo, a group of children in need with the municipality of Vares, the Red Cross New Sarajevo, the Association of “The Little Mermaid” Zavidovići and the Scouting “Neretva” Konjic. As in previous years, the vacation attended parents / guardians – participants of the project “Overcoming post-traumatic effects through psycho-social rehabilitation, recreation and education” from Sarajevo and Visoko.

• Through education, information, recreation, sports and entertainment with participants realized contribution to the acquisition of useful knowledge, habits and skills, develop camaraderie and friendship; a sense of collective life and work; religious and ethnic tolerance, positive moral character and patriotism towards homeland Bosnia and Herzegovina.

• It is especially important for holidays 2015, that organizations that care for people with special needs participated, which contributed to their psychological stability, sense of community and social equality and the absence of the usual prejudices about the need for tolerance of social diversity.

Association “Education builds B&H”