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Funds provided by publishing, fine arts and music activities were used for scholarships for user groups and for the functioning of the Association.

Part of the funds for scholarships for children whose parents are victims of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina are provided from the publishing activities and sale of wall annual calendars. We have made calendars from 1998 – 2015 year which sales provided over 1,500 scholarships.

Calendar 2006

Calendar 2007

Calendar 2008

Calendar 2010

Calendar 2014

Calendar 2016

Drugs – a myth, hell, reality ” in a specific and multidisciplinary approach deals with the issue of drug abuse. In addition to the historical section of this phenomenon, analysis of the situation in different countries of the world, special emphasis was put on the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the book you can find: plenty of exclusive information on the Balkan drug routes, the new godfathers of the Italian Mafia, drug producing countries, different ways of transporting drugs, basic concepts about drugs and their division, traces of drugs, unknown facts from the world of drugs, drugs among celebrities, drugs and inspiration, and also the book gives the drug slang (vocabulary of the drug addicts), but also you can find a very detailed overview of the concepts characteristic for the world of drugs.
Drugs – a myth, hell, reality – Price 20.00 BAM

Sexual violence against children” is a book which is dealing with the problems of sexual violence against children and on the comprehensive manner handles with such mindless human phenomenon. This book gives a historical overview, examples from different countries of the world with special reference to the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Srpska, performs analysis of criminal legislation, provide analysis of samples of such human behavior, performs profiling of persons who fall into the category of sexual abusers, gives suggestions for prevention and combating this phenomenon, and provides instructions for parents how to recognize that their child was sexually assaulted, as well as instructions on how to react when your child disclose that it was sexually abused. All of this correlates with the Convention on the Rights of the Children.
Sexual violence against children – Price 20.00 BAM

Children without parental care“, deals with the problems of children who lost both parents during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992 to 1995. These children, especially vulnerable population, are seeking engagement of all stakeholders of society who can provide them with support in the course of growing up, proper and comprehensive education and thus preparing to become useful member of the community.
Children without parental care – Price 10.00 BAM

Book poetry Price 10,00 BAM
Children’s picture books Price 10,00 BAM
Children’s picture books Price 10,00 BAM

In cooperation with T&T concept and DATA from Sarajevo, we have printed the Atlas of the twentieth century. Atlas of the twentieth century is unique in our market and on a popular way, in pictures and words, presents the most important events and personalities in the period from 1900 to the end of 2000. Atlas is a product of years of work by a team of experts “World Media Network Production Center” in Paris, and its information and educational content causes great interest in the reading public of all ages and levels of education.
Atlas of the XX century – Price 150.00 BAM

The book “Krive Drine” Price 10,00 BAM
In the world of Children’s Justice Price 10,00 BAM

For the first time we managed to gather composers, songwriters, arrangers, performers and bands from Sarajevo on one music project. They have given up their share in copyright and performing rights from this album in favor of the “Education builds Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

kaseta (1)
Audio cassette
“Sarajevo pop-rock school, with love”
Price 5,00 BAM
kaseta (1)
“Sarajevo pop-rock school, with love”
Price 10,00 BAM

Humanitarian concerts

Year Performers State
1998. Oliver Dragojević, singer from Croatia B&H, Sarajevo
2003. Jose van Damm, opera singer with worldwide reputation from Belgium B&H, Sarajevo
2003. Sarajevo String Quartet B&H, Sarajevo
2003. Jovan Kolundžija, world famous violinist from Serbia B&H, Sarajevo
2004. Ibrica Jusić, singer from Croatia B&H, Sarajevo
2004. Famous singers from Tuzla B&H, Tuzla
2005. Halid Bešlić, Hanka Paldum, Alma Čardžić, Nihad Alibegović, singers from B&H B&H, Sarajevo
2005. Dragana Jugović del Monaco, opera singer from Serbia B&H, Sarajevo
2006. Fadil Toskić singer from B&H Sweden
2009. Ricardo Mutti, concert „Roads of friendship: from Sarajevo to Sarajevo” B&H, Sarajevo
2010. Elvira Rahić & Adnan Jakupović, singers from B&H, Switzerland, Zurich
2011. Kemal Hasić, singer from B&H Sweden, Orebro & Norrkeping

Children’s art colony took place in 2003 in Tuzla and Boracko Lake, as well in year 2004 in Tuzla and Vitkovici.

Auction of the photos of the author Damir Sagolj, photographer of Reuters, was held in 2004.

Exhibition of photographs by Frank Levasseur was held in 2011.

Auction of the Photos

Year Authors
1999. Nada Dimić, Milan Jakšić
2001. Safet Zec, Slobodan-Bobo Perišić
2004. Adin Hebib, Admir Mujkić, Affan Ramić, Ahmed
Karić, Ahmet-Pindži Pinjić, Alica Jakirović, Asim Đelilović, Alija, Hafizović-Haf, Božana Cvijanović, Dijana Vejo, Đuro Fišer, Edin Numankadić, Fuad Arifhodžić, Hamid Muhović, Hazim Ćišić, Ibrahim Novalić, Ilijas Kruškić,Irfan Hozo, Ilonka Jasak, Ljiljana Vidović, Maja Behmen-Novalić, Mensud Kečo, Mirsad Konstantinović, Mirsada Baljić, Nada Martinović, Petar-Perica Vidić, Safet Zec, Saida Milošević, Salem Trebo, Salim Obralić, Smail Iftić, Taida Jašarević, Tomislav Perazić, Željko Filipović.
2006. Salem Trebo
2007. Slobodan-Bobo
2010. Melisa Selesković-Kapić



“20 godina u ozračju djece”, a monography from 1994 to 2014 can be viewed here.